Bervini 1955 has deep connections with the territory of the Friulian flatlands. The cellars are at Chions in the province of Pordenone, where they straddle the two DOC zones of Prosecco and Friuli Grave.

    Wines released under the Bervini 1955 label are sourced from vineyards planted on the area’s signature alluvial, resurgent spring-rich terrain. Some of the soils are heavy and clayey, yielding perfect fruit for outstanding reds. Elsewhere the terrain is gravelly or stony, which makes it ideal for producing superb white wines, such as Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and the ever-popular native Friulano.



    “Bervini 1955” is the brand that has accompanied the Bergamo family throughout its involvement with wine. Comm. Antonio Bergamo established the company on 5/5/1955 and today the third generation is in charge.


    In the early days, activities focused on the distribution of unbottled wine to inns and restaurants. As the years rolled by, the company grew and evolved, acquiring its own still and sparkling winemaking facilities, as well as a modern bottling line.